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Noord-Hollands Archief

The Noord-Hollands Archief collects, preserves and makes available the documentary heritage of the province of Noord-Holland, the Kennemerland region (in particular the municipalities of Aalsmeer, Beverwijk, Bloemendaal, Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude, Haarlemmermeer, Heemskerk, Heemstede, Uitgeest, Uithoorn, Velsen and Zandvoort), and of the provincial capital Haarlem.

We aim at promoting the use and enjoyment of this material to serve the cultural, educational, recreational and administrative needs of present and future generations.

At present only parts of this website are in English. If you can not find the information you are looking for, or if you do not understand any of the content, please contact us. We will do our best to answer all your queries.

Where to find us / opening hours

We are located at

Jansstraat 40 in Haarlem
Opening hours 2013: Tuesday till Friday 9 AM to 5 PM and the third Saturday of each month 9 AM to 5 PM.

and at

Kleine Houtweg 18 in Haarlem
Opening hours 2013: Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM.

Please note that starting in January 2013 the opening hours have changed for both reading rooms.

Our mailaddress is Postbus 3006, 2001 DA Haarlem; if you prefer to e-mail us you can reach us at Telephone: +31 23 5172700.


The Noord-Hollands Archief holds an extensive collection of maps, drawings, prints and photographs concerning Haarlem, the surrounding municipalities and the province of Noord-Holland. A part of this collection is available online through the Beeldbank

Family history at the Noord-Hollands Archief

At the Noord-Hollands Archief you can search for your ancestors that lived in this province. At present most of the search will have to be conducted in our search room, but a growing amount of sources are being made available from the Internet. Our most important sources for genealogical research are:

  • The "akten van de burgerlijke stand", or civil registration of births, marriages and deaths. At present the following years are available for public research: births 1811-1912, marriages 1811-1932, together with the "huwelijksbijlagen" or annexes to the marriage certificates (these are the documents that were used to prove the data stated in the marriage certificates), and deaths 1811-1960. We have a complete registration for all municipalities in the province of Noord-Holland with us.

    Our genealogical indexes are available through the website WieWasWie. Not all records of the Burgerlijke Stand are available in WieWasWie yet; please check this link to see which records are available.

    Please note that from several municipalities in Noord-Holland there are no annexes to the marriage certificates for the period 1811-1888. These were burnt in a fire in Alkmaar in 1890. For a complete list of the municipalities involved, please click here.
  • The "bevolkingsregister", or registration of inhabitants that lived in the municipalities. The content of this registration can be compared to that of the American and English censuses. We do not keep this registration for all municipalities in the province of Noord-Holland, but only those that have joined the Noord-Hollands Archief. You can check the list of municipalities for the ones available with us. In general the "bevolkingsregister" starts at about 1850, and it has been handed over to us up to approximately 1938. No information from the Bevolkingsregister is available online yet.
  • The "Doop-, trouw- en begraafboeken", often abbreviated as "D.T.B.". This is the Dutch term for parish registers. The civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in the province of Noord-Holland dates from 1811. Prior to that year you have to rely on parish records, containing baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. The date this registration starts may vary, for some cities or villages you will find records dating back to the early seventeenth century; others often start at a much later date. We keep the records of most cities and villages in Noord-Holland, except those of the city of Alkmaar (these are kept at the Regionaal Archief Alkmaar) and those of the city of Amsterdam (these are kept at the Stadsarchief Amsterdam). No information from the parish registers is available online yet.

Apart from the database WieWasWie, there are several other indexes available; you should take into account that all the original sources are written in Dutch. A complete list of available online sources can be found here. At your request we can do (limited) research for you, but this involves a fee. We are happy to provide you with an estimation of the fee.

Search the archives

We offer an online service to search the catalogues of the archives and collections we keep. You can see what records we keep in the "Archievenoverzicht" (our catalogue of archives and collections). You have to keep in mind that this is a service in Dutch, so if you want to track down any of the records, please use Dutch keywords.

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